Saturday 19th October 9am

Weekend Walk – Pleinmont.

Meet at the car park near the Imperial Hotel (Perry’s P32 D2) for a walk to the Fairy Ring and back, looking for migrants and woodland birds.

Saturday 26th October 9am

Weekend Walk – Kings Mills.

Meet at the Fleur du Jardin Hotel car park (by kind permission of the manager) (Perry’s P14 C4) for a walk to take in the hide at Rue des Bergers.

Wednesday 6th November 10am

Weekday walk – Bordeaux.

Meet at the car park on the North Side of Bordeaux Harbour (Perry’s P11 H1).

Wednesday 6th November 7pm

Annual General Meeting of RSPB Guernsey Bailiwick Group.

Please note start time. There will be no charge to attend the AGM. It will be followed by a slideshow with Rod Ferbrache “Out and about again with my camera”. Join Rod on his travels with his camera and enjoy his brilliant photography.

Sunday 10th November 9:30am

Weekend Walk – Reservoir.

Meet at the car park, close to Rue des Annevilles (Perry’s P21 G1) for a walk around this peaceful place looking for woodland and water birds.